Local info & things to do

Local Shopping, pubs etc.


You don't need to load up your car with food to come here. For a place that's in the middle of nowhere it's surprising the variety of supermarkets and shops nearby.  We have a Farm Shop near Hatherleigh which by the way sells excellent BBQ packs, a Co-op there too which is open till 10pm and in Holsworthy another Co-op and a Waitrose.


We have three local pubs which comprise the legendary 3 pub walk. Legendary not because it takes heroes to get round all 3, but to actually get there when they are all open and plenty of others in the locality.

Food at our nearest pub is very good and a great pint too - a 20 minute walk. 


The closest beach is at Bude, about 35 minutes, and then Widemouth Bay, about 45 minutes.

There are numerous more beaches along the North Devon and North Cornwall coastline.



You can look at it, you can walk on it, you can pushbike and ride it, you can see the famous Dartmoor ponies and get ambushed by sheep looking to steal your sarnies. 

Some great cream tea spots, picturesque villages, sweeping landscapes - it's got the lot!

dartmoor pony 4.jpg