Campfires & Campfire Cooking at Hole Station Woodland Campsite

campfire pic.jpg

 Camping without a camp fire?

Don't think so - get real!!!

Every pitch has it's own campfire facilities - a fire bowl, an adjustable grill, a simple bench, and of course a canopy to sit under.


Campfire kits are available from reception which include firelighters, kindling and logs - do bring matches (you had one job, just one ..............................) 


Bringing your own logs is not permitted - this is a self funded nature reserve and log sales are an important part of the funding requirement.


Please note that foraging for wood is not permitted and is completely unacceptable. 


Why is that then?

Because we're a bit precious about preserving a completely natural environment in it's natural state, that's why.


It is vital for a woodland ecosystem that there be a large amount of rotting wood present, in order to support the flora and fauna  that enable a successful food chain. 

You will see timber stacked and lying on the ground in the woods. Leave it all where it is.