Your camping options - all feature a private loo

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BYO Camping


BYO camping is where you bring your own tents and camping equipment. 


On arrival you choose your pitch in a woodland clearing, from those available, there is always a choice.

All feature a ready erected kitchen shelter, a firepit, a simple bench and a private eco loo.


You can put hammocks, gazebos, and as many tents as you like on your pitch at no extra charge. 


If your tent exceeds 5m length, let us know in the booking process.  We will reserve a larger pitch for you, but you can choose from any available pitch if you would prefer a different one.

The maximum size tent we can accept is 7m length, 5m width.


Rent A Tent Camping


 Originally introduced as an easy introduction for first timers, this has become just as popular with seasoned campers, particularly with those who first came here as BYO'ers!


This is no drama camping.

You only need to bring matches, torches, bedding, and perhaps folding chairs.


So, no packing/unpacking marathons. Turn up, move in, put the kettle on - it really is that easy.


​Your accommodation consists of a 2 bedroom walk in tent, with a wood floor, easy standing height for 6 footers, ready inflated airbeds (1 x double & 1 x single), sitting and storage space. 


What you won't be expecting is the fab safari type shelter which stands next to your tent.


It's for your exclusive use and includes wooden floor, back and sides, and canvas roof.

Your shelter houses your dining table, benches, camp fire bench, 2 ring gas cooker, storage space, cool box, pots, frying pan, cooking implements, cutlery, dishes and plates, kettle, drinking water, wash up kit, mugs and glasses, and vitally, a bottle opener.


Your pitch also features a firepit, tripod cooking grill and an eco loo. 

Camper Vans

Camper vans up to 5.5m (18') are welcome, your pitch includes privacy (that's a given at Hole Station), an all weather shelter, a 'pub type' bench table, a fire pit and your own private eco loo.  So, you can enjoy a campfire, hide from the relentless sunshine under your shelter and simply go big time chillerama!

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The Campsite Rules

There do need to be some, for they make the place what it is. Don't book if you don't like...........

18+ only adult only (that doesn't mean naturism, it means no kids)

No dogs - we have free range chickens, and goats, and horses, there were incidents in the past.....)

Quiet time from 11pm  - keep it right down, others are trying to sleep

No foraging for wood

No radios, no musical instruments - at any time

Do not bring your own firewood