Welcome to Hole Station holidays


Woodland camping, and the Bluebell railway carriage

Exclusive adult only (18+) holidays in deep Devon countryside 


This is where you  leave the madding crowd behind

aerial view

The Campsite


You will find camping at Hole Station Campsite a unique experience, not least because it isn't just a convenient place to plonk a tent, it's because it is a stand alone adventure in itself.


You camp in a natural deciduous woodland that is teeming with wildlife. 

It's managed to enable a thriving ecosystem, and you can chill amongst it all. 

There is a name for this. 

It is called forest bathing, and it's a real thing.


Pitches are set in private individual clearings, with the space and distance between you and your fellow campers that 'open field' sites can only dream of.  You definitely won't be tripping over next door's guylines!

Campfires are permitted, that's a given.

Absence of rowdy groups, others music choices, car headlights shining in your tent, car doors slamming, kids shouting?

Absolutely - no need for you to put up with any of that.  

You have 3 camping options, one where you bring all your own camping kit, one where you don't, it's all provided for you, and camper vanning too.


 The Bluebell


Built in the 1920's the Bluebell is a restored Norwegian railway carriage, beautifully appointed and providing you with another unique holiday experience. 

Do you see yourself sipping cocktails on your private platform, overlooking the wildflower meadow and the woods?



The Bluebell is ready to help you indulge your entirely deserved moment of decadence.


Tell me about the site facilities


Ok then, as far as site facilities go that applies mainly to campers, as the Bluebell is largely self contained.

All good so far, but what about campfires?

So what about places to visit and things to do?

Your pretty words are not enough - SHOW ME!