Our aim is to reduce the possibility of Covid-19 transmission. This is the shared responsibility of ourselves as managers and yourselves as guests. Should you find any of these protocols onerous then do not book.


Read this document carefully as you will need to bring items with you to comply**.


  1. The booking system is configured to allow no more than 2 persons per pitch, and a reduction in the number of pitches available in, order to limit on site numbers.

  2. Reception - 'outdoor' reception.

  3. Pitch distancing - pitches all exceed 6 metre gaps, by a long way.


  5. Social distancing of 2 metres to be maintained at all times on any part of the site.

  6. Face masks must be worn in public areas such as in and around the shower, toilet, washing, washing up, phone charging and cafe takeaway areas.

  7. Limits on number of persons using washing up facilities at any one time.

  8. Limits on number of persons using wash sink facilities at any one time.

  9. Showers – Bookable time slots. This system will remove the inconvenience of queueing for indeterminate periods.

  10. Cash payments not accepted for on site purchases. Payment accepted using cards and phones - contactless.


** Although we are increasing the frequency of cleaning showers, toilets etc. it is not possible to clean after every person has used various facilities. We are reducing the number of items that could however slight the possibility, increase transmission risk - thus you will need to bring the following with you that you would not have had to pre the virus:


Face masks.

Washing up bowl.

Disposable gloves.

Toilet roll.

Soap/hand sanitiser.

Disinfectant wipes - for surfaces that you will come in contact with e.g. Taps, shower facilities etc.